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The Vellore mutiny on 10 July was the first instance of a large-scale mutiny by Indian sepoys against the British East India Companypredating the Indian Rebellion of by half a century.

The canals were broad and shallow and long and continuous.

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Tiruchirappalli has rail connectivity with most important cities and towns in India. Eastern Coastal Plains Being on the coast, Kendrapada district of Orissa suffers from waterlogging, floods or saltwater ingress.

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Salem has a vibrant culture dating back to the ancient Kongu Nadu. Western Ghats Surangam, a special water harvesting structure, is found in Kasaragod district in northern Kerala.

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Rainwater from the roof or terrace were directed towards an opening in the floor which led to the tanka. Tamil Nadu has the country's third longest coastline at about Tamil Nadu is a year-round tourist destination, and the industry is the largest in the country.

Spread across Sq.

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Eastern Himalayas Streams are the only dependable source of water here. An amazing collection of 19, very small, big and large tanks bringing water to practically every house by a network of channels was in existence in the Bhandara district of Maharashtra.

Every house also had a pond in its backyard.

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A semi-ring road connecting all the National Highways is being constructed to ease traffic congestion in the city. The Great Living Chola Temples constructed by the king Raja Raja Chola and his son Rajendra are sites of glorious heritage and architectural achievements.

It constitutes a separate division of the Southern Railway.

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They are small reservoirs with earthen walls, used for storing water diverted from a stream or run off. A series of increasingly bigger jackwells were connected by split bamboos to make sure the overflow from one was harvested by the next. Governance and administration[ edit ] Main articles: Not much is known about the water harvesting systems here.

The depth and diameter of kunds depend on their use drinking or domestic water requirements. Brahmaputra Valley This region has many natural depressions along the banks of the Brahmaputra and Barek rivers. It is the 10th busiest airport in the country in terms of international traffic.

Temples in the form of chariots.

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Coorg was under the Gangas rule during 9th and 10th Dating sites in coimbatore and Cholas in the 11th century followed The runoff then passes through slopes where there are cattle yards, and finally reaches the paddy fields at the foot of the hills. The people in the city are employed in various textile, oil and turmeric manufacturing industries.

Nagarhole was converted into a sanctuary in the year covering an area of sq. The city is known for its beaches, ancient Tamil architecture, Anglo-Indian architecture, cultural festivals and is India's largest shopping destination. There are small talaimedium talab and large sagar lakes.

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Bandipur forests used to be the private game reserve of the