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Most watched News videos. An over-emotional Debbie cries as she talks about cats in her hilarious eHarmony Video Bio After announcing she's an MBA graduate from Villanova university, she says she love cats and then bursts into tears. You meet the girls on one of the popular online dating sites for free and arrange your dates from the sofa.

She employs a bit of camera trickery to make it look like two identical heads attached to one body. Pina Love One of the newest online dating sites in the Philippines and already the number 2 is Pina Love, which is run by the same people that own Thai Friendlythe biggest free dating site in Thailand.

Which dating site is worth to sign up? That got nearly 40 million hits and earned him spots on several high-profile talk shows.

The cool thing about Thai dating sites is because there are so many of them they are all basically free, at least the basic functions like sending and receiving messages and uploading pictures. Posted on June 3 and titled eHarmony Video Bio, it stars a woman calling herself Debbie, who seems shy and a bit ditzy but nevertheless is looking for a soulmate.

Their huge success is due to this simple concept: This site is still young but there are tons of hot Thai girls signed up already, waiting for you to get in touch with them. I love your eyes The more time I spend in the Philippines the more I use option 4 and most other guys I know.

You meet them in the real life, i. Having lived in Thailand for 4 years now, No.


She says it's her first attempt at an online dating video and that she's nervous and excited at the same time. For a few seconds Debbie regains her composure, then she starts talking about cats again He started a music career and is in talks to appear in a reality TV show.

You can go online at any time of the day and will always find more attractive girls hoping to chat with you than you can possibly handle. Filipino Cupid The biggest dating site in the Philippines with more than 2 million Filipina ladies.

Pina Love has in my opinion the nicest interface and easiest to use navigation. And if that was really a dating video, one could only offer one piece of advice to her potential suitor: Cool and rather shy, Debbie's all sweet and innocent before her emotions get the better of her After saying how she wants all the cats in a basket and a few other feline related lines she abruptly ends the video by saying, while still crying: One of the reasons why online dating in the Philippines is so popular now is because most of the basic functions are free — means you can create your profile, upload pictures and browse the female members without paying anything.

I will update this post in the future if anything changes. In the video, 'they' say: You go get yourself a hooker — costs money. You go in a girly bar and Hertfordshire speed dating some money on her so she agrees to hang out with you.

Her second video, posted on June 4 is entitled Cara And Kara. I love your nose. As she wipes away the tears she says: Free sign up, profile creation, receiving messages as well as sending one message every ten minutes.

Scroll down for video 'They just too cute': It has become so popular because of its nice and easy-to-use interface. While girls can write unlimited messages straight away as a guy you can only send one message per 10 minutes or sign up for their premium membership.

You meet Thai girls on one of the popular online dating sites and arrange dates for free from your sofa.