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Keolis and SNCF lawyers claimed that all documentation required by the law had been produced long before. Keolis faced similar issues while bidding for VRE operations inbut was eventually given that contract.

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On June 5,The Washington Post ran an editorial critical of the disclosure law. Phillips states that a full page independent report and complete history of SNCF's role in the Holocaust, released inis currently being translated into English.

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This disclosure would need to meet the satisfaction of the Maryland state archivist before Keolis would be allowed to place a bid for MARC service.

Local service north of Baltimore on the PRR ended around The article also stated that some in the Maryland Attorney General's Office worried the law was not Constitutional, may risk retaliation towards Maryland firms overseas, and may risk federal funding for Maryland "by imposing arbitrary procurement demands on a single company.

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Operations remained the same, but public-facing elements like schedules and crew uniforms were consolidated under the new name. In Junethe future of Keolis's ability to bid on the MARC contract remained up in the air with the new disclosure law in place.

Lanham and Landover stations were closed.

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An additional railway workers were themselves sent to concentration camps over SNCF rails. No other bidder had emerged to replace CSXT.

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Phillips also notes that SNCF does business with the Israel rail system and works without government prompting to educate the current generation about the war and Holocaust. A new park-and-ride station opened at Bowie State site of Jericho Park station, closed in and Bowie station was closed.


The bidding process was suspended Dating silver spring md the fall of due to lack of competition. A new station at Savage just off Route 32 was opened on July 31, This established the basic route for what would become the Brunswick Line. Before bidding reopened inMaryland passed a law at the request of Leo Bretholz and other Holocaust survivors requiring Keolis's majority owner, SNCF currently solely owned by the French government[44] to fully disclose its role in transporting Jews to concentration camps during World War II while SNCF was under control of the Nazi government.