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Ransom was decapitated in the Wyoming Massacre of July Minisink This is the name of an Indian tribe related to the Munsee, with the name meaning 'rocky land. Pocono From the Indian probably Delaware word pocohanne, meaning "stream between two mountains," and probably referring to the Delaware Water Gap.

The Nanticoke Indians, by the way, known for settling the eastern shore region of Maryland, are sometimes known as "the seashore settlers. Rest assured that informed sources have verified that the Moravians were in no shape or form responsible for the Dating scranton pa named, but now defunct, Lancaster County town of Puseyville.

Settle into your space by making full use of shelves, cabinets, and closets for your personal items. So in order to encourage postal authorities to locate one here, they presented a glowing report with not one iota of exaggeration, one would assume of their village's prosperity.

Originally both the Ohio and Allegheny rivers went by these names, and the Iroquois Indians of upstate New York considered the rivers to be one and the same.

The older designation does sound offensive to the modern ear, but in earlier times it probably contained a lesser amount of shock value, similar to Mark Twain's use of the word in books such as Tom Sawyer.

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Matamoras Like Hazleton, here's another case of a famous misspelling. Later this practice was eased up a bit so that non-Moravians could lease property but still not own it. Benjamin Rush was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Local inhabitants celebrated the name-change with great fanfare, and many believed the modern-sounding Milwaukee was now headed for the big time. Apparently the name Minooka was first applied to the region Multi millionaire dating siteand at times it was known as Needham's Patch.

Shickshinny Situated along a scenic strip of Route 11, midway between Nanticoke and Berwick, Shickshinny is named for nearby Shickshinny Creek. Montoursville Located east of Williamsport, the original settlement here was an important staging ground for Moravian missionaries in the mids.

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They claim that mino means "good" and aki means "land," but this explanation seems a speck forced and contrived. But from a Wilkes-Borough point of view, this is the definition of regionalism.

Others suggest the word stems from an Algonquin term meaning "turkeys aplenty.

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Laflin built seven powder mills here in andand for a time he competed with the powerful du Pont family mill in Dupont. Mars This town near Pittsburgh was named not for the planet but for the god of war, and is located safely away from Venus PA, named ostensibly for the goddess of love.

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Quite literally, Mann was out-standing in his field. New Tripoli Located north of Allentown. Fortunately a Puseyville Road still exists near Quarryville, where it is assumed one can quarry for better things than beaver, with or without a posse to chase down the original Mr. Pitt, a British prime minister, as was his son, also believed that British lawmakers were too heavy-handed in their dealings with colonists.

Shamokin It's been suggested that the word means "eel stream" or "where the chief lived," but the most likely translation is "where horns are plentiful" or "place of the horn. For 59 years her brothers searched for her, only to find her in Apparently Flood cared little that Joe McDade's father donated acres of land from his Heidelberg Coal Company to make the airport project work, at a time when other coal companies were flipping the bird to the deal.

Seltzer No natural springs are found here in this Schuylkill county village that sports the name of a prominent family from the s.

In that year, the military figured out how to use silver iodide to help seed a hurricane that eventually hit the Georgia coast near Savannah. The area has since been replanted with second-growth forests.

Without fail, whenever they were in town, Dan Flood and his wife strut down the center aisle at precisely 9:

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