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After seven days of dating, you can propose marriage.

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Olivia Olivia wants to move to a better place and have a cat or a dog as a pet. Do this for each color you wish to change.

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Vehicles can decrease the amount of time units used when traveling. From the map, go to Flex Gym.

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After three days of marriage, you can have a baby. You have won the challenge.

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The regular food requires the oven and the fridge, while the organic food only need the fridge. Note- the rival icon racing around the city while you sleep has no bearing on how much progress the rival makes at night, so no need to rush through a screen.

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Jackpot Magic Slots Games. You can also sell unwanted items in the Personals as well, if you would like.

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You can customize most items to fit with your color scheme. Click on a sofa to see how it will look in your apartment. Hover your mouse over each item to see the benefits.

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Once at home, click on the eat button. Place your mouse over the buttons to see the difference in cost and number of sessions depending on whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor. Place your mouse over a course to view the requirements.

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Go to work to earn the money needed for your purchases. Vivian Answer the ringing phone for your next challenge.

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Movies you have previously reviewed will be grayed out.