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The collection consists of some of the most outstanding wall paintings, painted silk banners, sculptures in wood, stucco and terracotta, coins, porcelain and pottery objects, leather, grass and fibre, precious items of gold and silver, religious and secular documents.

The Sayyid and Lodhi dynasties that followed the Tughlak dynasty were far more concerned with restoring stability than patronisation of arts or architecture.

The vast and varied collection was excavated, explored and collected by Sir Aurel Stein, the foremost amongst the archaeological explorers of the early 20th century, during three major expeditions carried out by him inand Arms and Armour The Museum has one of the finest collections of Indian Arms and Armour comprising edged weapons, projectiles, smashing weapons, armour for men and animals, ornamental, sacrificial and ritual weapons, fire arms and war accessories.

It gained importance during the time of Anangpal Tomar. It has been on view for the public since December It is presently referred to as " Old Delhi ". Coins The gallery will display coins in a modernised format.

Moreover, sections of the city still standing are now counted in Siri or Mehrauli. The Tomar dynasty founded Lal Kot in The objects have been divided into different categories like string instruments veena, sitar, santur.

It is also known as Yoginipura, that is, the fortress of the Yoginis female divinities. The city received significant damage during the siege.

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Among them special mention may be made of silk and zari woven sari pallu of the midth century from Chanderi, printed and painted artistically designed cotton coverlet of the 17th century from Golconda and a reconstructed royal chamber illustrating various textiles in their respective use.

After defeating the armies of Nasiruddin Mahmud of Tughlaq dynastyon 15 DecemberTimur entered Delhi on 18 Decemberand the city was sacked, destroyed, and left in ruins, and overwar prisoners were killed as well. It illustrates various Saiva and Vaishnava themes, i. As acknowledged by British historian Michael Wood in his BBC documentary The Story of India[10] the excavated ceramic pottery from the site of today's Purana Qila in Delhi and the excavated layers of the ancient city seem to match what the verses of the Mahabharata indicate.

Indra himself praises this country.

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JahanpanahRefuge of the World, name given to the area enclosed by walling-in of the suburbs between Qila Rai Pithora and Siri, built by Muhammad bin Tughluq in ca. The Qutub Minar is the world's tallest brick minaret at So there seems no such thing as "history" about it.

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Sirifirst established as a camp for protection against invading Mongols by Alauddin Khaljiand fortified in about ca. The rest are not officially identified as Cities of Delhi because of some specific reasons.

This city contains a number of significant architectural features, including the Red Fort Lal Qila and the Jama Masjid. With the help of a hundred and twenty exhibits an attempt have been made to show various techniques and vivid subjects, which illustrates all the variety from architectural dwellings, doors, windows to cotlegs, boxes and mirrors.

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Hem Chandra fought and won 22 battles in all against rebels and twice against Akbar's army in Agra and Delhi, without losing any. Intricately carved Mandapa of a Gujarat temple from the 16th 17th century A. In the 12th century, the city was included in the dominions of Prithviraj Chauhan.

It was the capital of the Mughal Empire during Shah Jahan's reign.

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The name Delhi may be derived from the word ' Dhillika ', though there are other theories. One hundred and twenty-five choicest cotton, silk and woollen textiles, which are beautifully woven, printed, dyed and embroidered, have been displayed in the gallery.

Archived from the original on 15 April Officially, however, only seven of the above-mentioned settlements are recognised.

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History of New Delhi Early history[ edit ] The ancient Yogmaya Templeclaimed to be one of the five temples of Mahabharata days in Delhi. However, Dating thompson manitoba should be noted that the kings then referred to the initial Muslim invaders as Yavanas.

Nasli Heeramaneck of U. This gallery includes 46 exhibits.

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The entire history of Indian coinage, starting from about 6th century B. This Gallery also has 1, excavated artifacts belonging to the Indian Harappan site of the Archaeological Survey of India collection.

Basti and outstanding specimens of Buddhist Art as a global movement, is illustrated through 84 exhibits in stone, bronze, terracotta, stucco, wooden sculptures and painted scrolls or Thankas from Nepal, Tibet, Central Asia, Myanmar, Java and Combodia, representing the three principal Buddhist forms - Hinayana, Mahayana, Vajrayana.

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