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The way they were speaking about it, they seemed to think it was somewhat cute.

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Back to the girls. I do vaguely remember my junior high years, by the way. When I was in junior high, I remember coming across kids my age who were a couple and they were making out in the halls when they thought they were alone.

However, Dating in jr high advantage of texting is that you could potentially track exactly what your kids are communicating with each other.

They sit back and listen to stories that their children come home with about who is dating who and who was dumped for someone else.

After a minute and a half of listening, I had to stop them. I also know that I myself and others had friends of the opposite sex that were simply that and no more. Being a single girl, I know the adult dating world.

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Since we were two, actually. But most importantly, I have opened the door for my girls to really talk to me about dating. Visit her site marriageincrisistoday.

Wow, did I have questions!

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And sure, it may already be happening some. Is that only group dates, individual one-on-one unchaperoned dates, sitting together at basketball games? Because of my slight culture shock, I really missed an opportunity to talk with these girls about the gift of relationships that God has given us.

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Adolescence shows up front and center. As I processed the conversation with these girls, I noticed that the attitude that the girls carried about dating is very similar to those in the high school and young adult worlds.

But elementary school has a different feel than junior high, middle school, or whatever you might call that place a few years before high school. Social rules change, appearances matter more, kids are starting to, ahem, develop in new ways.

I now regret the words I spoke to my 23 year old high school Biology teacher when he referred to Phil Collins and asked if we knew who he was. I also know that I put some restrictions on my girls watching TV shows that focus too much on dating. This is where parents can fall into herd mentality in some ways.

Back in the day, we used to communicate the old fashioned way — through passing hand-written notes. Does the casual nature of dating in junior high teach our students to be casual about relationships later in life?

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Boyfriend and Girlfriends In Junior High. Other kids are into the dating thing, so maybe it is OK for their kids to do it too. Mind you, these were all junior high school girls. Retrieved on Deutschland dating kostenlos 2,from https: Two moms near me today were talking about the difference between fifth grade and sixth grade, specifically about how more girls were texting their sons now that they were one year older.

That really seems to vary from parent to parent and kid to kid. So what is the church to do? Your thoughts would be most welcome and may even give some guidance to other readers.