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Dating english glass bottles, dating english glass bottles

The three questions found on this page below answer several basic questions about a given bottle.

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Other diagnostic tools must be used to date these items. No material may be copied for commercial purposes.

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Is the base indented with an irregular to round pontil scar? Machine-made colourless bottles date after Iceland dating website Instead, there is one located near the base of the neck indicating that the neck ring mold portion of the parison mold produced the finish, neck, and a portion of the shoulder.

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Bottles with suction scars were made in an Owens Automatic Bottle Machine and date after All this adds to the fascination with bottle making, but makes systematic dating similar to solving Rubik's cube - ostensibly simple on the surface but complex in practice.

The opinions expressed are those of the author of this website and not necessarily those of The Society for Historical Archaeology nor the Bureau of Land Management. Additional reference materials outside of this website must often be consulted to narrow down the date of any item as far as is possible and to really get a "feel" for the history of the bottle in question.

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For a large majority of embossed and unembossed bottles, however, there is little or nothing formally published on the details of their origins. That is the point of this website. This is also pointed out on the image above; click to enlarge.

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Lettering on the body will give clues to the contents and lettering on the base will give clues to the manufacturer. The first ABM bottles started appearing inand by most bottles were being made by this method. Often the vertical side mold seams are evidenced by very faint changes in glass density in lines where one would expect mold seams to be.

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Slowly the corked top bottle began to disappear in favor of the screw top. Inside the Owens ring are several numbers.

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The image to the right is a close-up of a small, medium green, machine-made ink bottle. If your bottle is an ink Dating english glass bottles the descriptions above, click Machine-made Bottles to move to the Machine-made bottles dating page for more possible dating refinement and to pursue more information.

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Vertical side mold seam on the neck of a beer bottle ending well below the finish, indicating that it was at least partially handmade - ca. The glass turns purple when exposed to UV light. In addition, other references beyond the scope of this website usually must be consulted to get as complete of a dating and typing story as is possible for any given bottle.

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Dating Antique Bottles Many people are intrigued to know how old their bottle is.