Herschede Hall Clock Co. History & Information from Champ's Clock Shop Herschede Hall Clock Co. History & Information from Champ's Clock Shop

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I plan to replace it with a proper Roman dial soon. The only thing remarkable about this New Haven Clock Co. The fourth photo is from an ebay auction and shows a non-alarm version of this clock with the case details intact. The Baby Ben, foreground, is in its original crackle 'Old Rose' finish.

Having moved to Omaha from the Seattle area, I no longer go to Chapter meetings. From this time the Orloj was maintained by Ludvik Heinz, after whose death in the maintenance was done by his son Ludvik Heinz and from the year in turn his nephew - another Ludvik Heiz.

Ones I like usually have the following: This illustrates the connections between Prague and Wien astronomical schools.

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The original figures of the Apostles have been replaced by the creations of the woodcarver Vojtech Sucharda after the end of the Second World War. Watchmaker Jan Landesberg partially came to the rescue trying to repair the mechanical part The case had been heavily modified by previous owners, so I decided to wall mount the clock and use it as a daily alarm.

The other clock is an 8-day, double-door ogee that probably dates to In the third photo is the Mauthe clock sitting next to a Westclox Big Ben.

Circa I thought this was a Korean-made clock, but while researching the above Owari clock, I found out the "T" circle and diamond trademark belonged to the Takano Clock Co.

Seth Thomas and New Haven were perhaps the only two companies to manufacture Sonora chime clocks. The alarm shut-off at the back is the master shut-off and is used to silence the alarm entirely.

But the combined beauty of the Orloj, the hourly mechanical 'show' and above all - the crowds that gather below it, even with still 15 minutes to go My understanding had been that Chauncey Jerome only held one patent Design patentand it was for a clock case. In the first Sonora chime clocks, the Sonora Chime Co.

Dials could have 2, 3 or 4 trippers depending on the switch and desired operation. The part that is neat about how it does it is the disc with spiral grooves on the alarm second wheel.

Introduction Dates of Some Popular Antique Clock Styles

New Haven Tattoo hour intermittent alarm circa This little stop-clock timer is basically a modified Gilbert hour alarm clock. Small repairs were undertaken after the thirty year war in but got the Orloj running for only a few weeks at a time.

The third and fourth photos below show the complete mechanism, switch and all, removed form the housing. What is my Clock Worth? Apparently this case design was made only 1 year, but I have seen two different styles of this case, the variations being in how the top of the case is made behind the front.

The case appears to be made of Ash.

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Moving the lever to the right without locking it will silence the alarm and allow it to automatically ring again in 24 hours. When done they then go back inside.

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LTD, of Nagoya, Japan. The movement is marked RR and there is a Remington Rand sticker still on the glass dome. Ansonia Kitchen or Gingerbread Clock circa The latest ogee in my collection is a beautiful clock that has quite a story to tell.

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I wind the alarm every night before I want to get up in the morning. This was a feature that was very popular on alarm clocks from the 's until about The date range for when this clock was made is given is based on the stamp on the movement and the label.

The last picture is one I found online and is basically the same clock, but with the decorations still intact. Posted most recent acquisitions: It is just a pity such a clean clock was butchered.

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