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Dating canon l lenses, shooting with the olympus 12-100mm f/4 is pro

The front element does not extend nor does it rotate during focusing or zoomingmaking accessories such as circular polarizers easy to use with this lens.

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You would expect the radioactivity to decrease over time. Overall, mm is not significantly softer than the other tested focal lengths by any means, though; just very minor corner softness.

Canon 1D X Mk3 info and rumours

If you already have a current-generation full-frame camera then the 5DSR is like the 7D2; a specialised side-grade that will excel in a few areas but noticeable lag behind the "generalist" 5D3 and 6D in others.

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In the NewTek Digi-View, built to run on the Amiga platform, was the first inexpensive video digitizer designed for home computers. Like other Zuiko Pro lenses, the mm offers a programmable "L-Fn" button near the lens mount on the left side.

Pulling the focusing ring back towards you engages manual focus and reveals a focusing distance scale. As you may already know, we published a Hands-On Look at this lens back in November In bringing it back to html the conversion has compressed out the line returns that Bob had introduced between messages.

The earliest zooms came out between and for professional motion picture cameras and were called "Traveling," "Vario" and "Varo" Globe dating replogle. Lanthanum Glass in Widespread Use There are an awful lot of lenses with lanthanum glass in them.

Nor do they suffer from yellow discoloration over decades of time.

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Beta particles can penetrate camera shutters and film cassettes to fog film next to radioactively "hot" lenses left in your camera bag. If that was the case then most of us would still be using our 8mp cameras and decrying the current crop of 24mp sensors as pointless.

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Double-Gauss lens In Carl Friedrich Gauss improved the Fraunhofer telescope objective by adding a meniscus lens to its single convex and concave lens design. These are alpha-particle emitters, which ain't normally a problem -- even a lens-cap stops the particles, as does a few cm of air -- but it's not a good idea to use the lens as a telescope eye-piece, as some did.

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It was only when Zeiss Ikon were designing the Contax in response to the success of the Leica that a 50mm Tessar which could cover the 24x36mm format was designed. Government has a lot of them for sale - cheap!.

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Eventually a more highly radioactive equilibrium will be reached, as in the original radioactive ores. Macro Though not designed for true 1: If you are fortunate enough to own a RC, check out this unusal mirror movement for yourself.

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Even shooting using ND grads to make sure the sky wasn't blown out didn't matter - because the skies were always pearly white it LOOKED like they were blown out.

Thankfully the Terracotta Warriors are indoors and largely free from the haze blighting the rest of the region.

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That's good news, I guess? Canon was the first to market a still video camera, the professional model RC one source states that the Sony Mavica was marketed, but this has not been independently verified as of yet. You can program it to toggle adjustments such as white balance or RAW, but it can also be set as an AF-stop button.

Roger Hicks, noted author of The Lens Book etc