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Dating antique ball jars, the author

People have used crockery containers for pickling and storing food for centuries.

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An icon of American history, the famous Coca-Cola bottle, is also an interesting historical side note to the Root story. The most common styles like most of the examples pictured here also have a long gradually tapering shoulder to neck portion that is distinctly taller than the body section below it.

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Kerr arranged for the production of the Economy jar utilizing patents, two patents held by another man, Julius Landsberger of San Francisco, calling for a metal lid with a permanently fastened composition gasket. Both the four square and six sided hexagonal designs seem to have appeared about the same time s and both cross-section shapes continued in use to some degree as late as the early 20th century although Dating antique ball jars configurations of the style were most popular from about through the s Deiss ; empirical observations.

Antique Glass Markings

See the website at www. Click on the following links for more images of the gothic pepper sauce bottle to the right: Subject 7 Reproduction jars.

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One should be aware that there is a lot form and decorative variety within this category not specifically covered by the pictured bottles, though those discussed in the following are commonly encountered designs Zumwalt Others, without grooves, sealed with parchment or cloth.

Early 20th century gothic peppersauce - This is an typical example of the later mouth-blown hexagonal pepper sauce bottle which was likely made sometime between the s and s.

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Collectible Vanities Despite changes in life styles and design, the interest in vanities continues. The likely ketchup bottle pictured to the left is representative of the fancier earlier sauce bottle styles and an example that most likely dates from about This photo and a description of the bottle was provided by a user of this site in early It stands to reason that the "perfect mason" sometimes wouldn't be so "perfect.

Most jars with rough ground tops were made before Today you can frequently find numbers on new jars that indicate date of manufacture, plant location, job number, etc.

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Other 's and letters are also on the bottom. The array of references used to support the conclusions and estimates found here - including the listed dating ranges - are noted.

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When the First World War broke out, our source of manganese dioxide was cut off by German blockades.