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It doesn't work out for either of them. The chart also confirms that he sees her as a friend. He becomes very jealous, characterized in the English dub by Davis never getting T. This expression comes from racing, where it is said of a horse that passes the others and leads the field.

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Kei Kuruno kind of suffers from this, since his love interest Kichimoto has fallen for his best friend Kato. In fact, he and Hayato once competed for her love.

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Amok comes from a Malay word for "frenzied" and was adopted into English, and at first spelled amuck, in the second half of the s. Not that it stops her friend Mao from attempting to hook them up anyway. Between andnearly all peregrines used for falconry in the U.

Krillin of Dragon Ball Z showed every sign of crushing hard on Bulma.

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Oh, and in the early volumes Kimura Dating and romance idioms for a nurse and, when he thinks this is serious, discovers she has a man.

However, a restriction exists of using only captive-bred birds. He keeps on presenting her with little gifts, even after her engagement to Hayato. The alter ego leaves in a heart wrenching Dating and romance idioms in the last episode.

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This expression was coined by Shakespeare, who used it literally in Julius Caesar 1: Captive breeding of raptors over several generations tends to result, either deliberately, or inevitably as a result of captivity, in selection for certain traits, including: This expression alludes to the military sense of last ditch, "the last line of defence.

Captive breeding and conservation[ edit ] The successful and now widespread captive breeding of birds of prey began as a response to dwindling wild populations due to persistent toxins such as PCBs and DDTsystematic persecution as undesirable predators, habitat loss, and the resulting limited availability of popular species for falconry, particularly the peregrine falcon.

Surpass or outdo something This last story of Henry's caps them all.

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Birds which demonstrated an unwillingness to hunt with men were most often discarded, rather than being placed in breeding projects. However, it's mixed with a touch of I Want My Beloved to Be Happyas he recognizes Annie's feelings for Eren and is content with her agreeing to play a festival game with him.

A raptor kept merely as a pet or possession, although the law may allow it, is not considered to be a falconer's bird.

This expression uses ironing wrinkled fabric as a metaphor for smoothing differences. In the manga, while Usui does have genuine feelings for Himegami, he's mostly driven by lust.

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The same story gave rise to the expression hang by a thread.