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Inside-by-side football and baseball stadiums were constructed on former fair grounds. The year in which Lynch began operation of his ferry also saw the beginning of regular meetings of the South River Society of Friends Quakers in which John's mother Sarah played a key role.

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The Times-Dispatch sports pages naturally focus on Richmond and Virginia professional and college teams. The "Scoreboard," which features minor-league standings, Vegas betting, and other sports scores, also gives tide measurements, river levels, and skiing conditions, depending on the season.

A Red Cross-operated canteen serving troop trains at the Southern Railroad station gave the city the nickname Lunchburg. Numerous large homes were built in the Diamond Hill and Rivermont areas Federal Hill had previously been the area of the city's well-to-do. Ellyson as part-owner as well as editor.

Following Reconstruction, Lynchburg entered a period of prosperity in the latter part of the 19th century, with iron works, blast furnaces and steel mills fueling the growth.

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After skullduggery concerning stolen ballots in the pro-Chahoon Jackson Ward and the election commission declared Ellyson the winner, he refused to serve under the resulting cloud, leading to yet another problematic election won by the Conservative Party candidate.

Lynch saw the possibilities of establishing a town on the hill overlooking the ferry site, and in late petitioned the General Assembly of Virginia for a town charter.

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In addition to Richmond Flying Squirrels and Richmond Kickers coverage, readers can see in-depth coverage of the Washington Redskins in the fall and the Washington Nationals in the summer. It supported many of former President George W.

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Editorially, the Times-Dispatch has historically leaned conservativeleading the paper to frequently endorse candidates of the Republican Party. From at least until its Johnson endorsement inthe Times-Dispatch had only endorsed Republican presidential candidates.

John Lynch founder of the ferry, the town, and who also headed the toll bridge project died on October 31,and was buried in the cemetery beside the Quaker Meeting House.

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The Battle of Lynchburg is reenacted each year at Berkley, an antebellum estate in Bedford county. It contains a center cover story on a regional business-related issue and is filled with events for the coming week, advice columnists and gadget reviews.

Bythe James River and Kanawha Canal was completed the town had in dropped a planned railroad in favor of the canal systemand packet boats began regular operation between Lynchburg and Richmond a lock from the Kanawha canal is preserved on Alphabet dating f ideas Blue Ridge Parkway and Rte.

However, it resumed publication on December 9,establishing a new office at 12th and Main Streets and accepting Henry K.

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The building soon fell into ruins pictured to the rightbut was restored in the early 's after the land was purchased by area Presbyterians across from the intersection of Fort Avenue and Sandusky Drive.

By the end of the 's, Lynchburg's population topped However, the paper is not unilaterally conservative; for example, a editorial called for the then House Majority Leader Tom DeLay to relinquish his leadership position on ethical grounds.

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In the same year, work began on a bold new enterprise: However, it later accepted the resulting state constitution after anti-Confederate provisions were stripped as well as allowing Negroes on juries and in the legislature.

He hired Douglas Southall Freeman as editor of the News Leader inand remained in control until becoming President of the College of William and Mary in and publishing a biography of his father the following year. Byseveral tobacco warehouses had been built, and the town also included such staple businesses as groceries, tanneries, blacksmiths and druggists.

Three colleges were founded in this period: Byit was obvious Richmond was not big enough to support four papers. In the fall, Sunday editions have the scores of all high school football games played that weekend from across the state.

Stories are frequently done on notable prep athletes, such as those from foreign countries, those with disabilities, those who play a multitude of sports, or those who had little or no prior experience in a sport which they now excel in.