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He concluded that vampires did not exist and the Empress passed laws prohibiting the opening of graves and desecration of bodies, sounding the end of the vampire epidemics. Eventually, he returns to his good-hearted and caring self and reconciles with Elena, but the relationship doesn't last long.

Their relationship becomes increasingly complicated as Stefan's mysterious older brother Damon Salvatore Ian Somerhalder returns, with a plan to bring back their past lover Katherine Pierce, a vampire who looks exactly like Elena.

He linked this event to the lack of a shmirah guarding after death as the corpse could be a vessel for evil spirits. These tales formed the basis of the vampire legend that later entered Germany and England, where they were subsequently embellished and popularized.

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Morgan left the show after the fourth season when Klaus moved on to his own spin-off, The Originals.

He leaves town at the end of season 6, though he appears in a couple episodes of season 7, protecting Elena's coffin. Her father, assisted by the family physician, removed her from her tomb two months after her death, cut out her heart and burned it to ashes. They use an elongated proboscis-like tongue to suck fetuses from these pregnant women.

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Several books have been written about the case, notably by Sean Manchester, a local man who was among the first to suggest the existence of the " Highgate Vampire " and who later claimed to have exorcised and destroyed a whole nest of vampires in the area. As he stated in his treatise: Lilitu was considered a demon and was often depicted as subsisting on the blood of babies, [60] and estriesfemale shape-changing, blood-drinking demons, were said to roam the night among the population, seeking victims.

Jeremy is killed in season 4 after Katherine throws him onto Silas, who drains his blood. The disease can also affect portions of the brain that could lead to disturbance of normal sleep patterns thus becoming nocturnal and hypersexuality. The official reporting on the Petar Blagojevich case speaks of "other wild signs which I pass by out of high respect".

Over time the first two terms became general words to describe witches and demons respectively.

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Although Damon is initially the villain and harbors a grudge against his brother for forcing him to become a vampire, he later reconciles with Stefan and falls in love with Elena, creating a love triangle among the three. Classified as vampires, all share the thirst for blood.

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Zach Roerig as Matt Donovan[17] Elena's childhood friend and ex-boyfriend, who became romantically involved with Caroline in season 1.

In different regions, animals can be revenants as lugats; also, living people during their sleep. Wolves and batswhich are often associated Lebanese australian dating vampires, can be carriers of rabies.

Candice King as Caroline Forbes[16] Bonnie and Elena's best friend, who was insecure and often jealous of Elena at first, but after becoming a vampire in the second season comes into her own.