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One easy way to check your computers browsing history is to look at the drop down menu when you type a web address. He spends unusually long periods of time on the phone with another man. People give away hints in their body language when they are hiding something.

Questions and Answers: Men on the Down Low

Has he started wearing tighter, younger looking style clothes or started dressing like a thug? He has an unusually high percentage of male friends who are gay. There is no spontaneity and he never bothers to make sure you are ever satisfied. You don't have to remain clueless anymore.

That is if he has not deleted his web browsing history.

What are the origins of this term down low and what does it refer to?

If your mate is cheating, this book will help you find out FAST. He gets lots of non business phone calls and text messages from other men.

You may be surprised what you hear.

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If your intuition is in overdrive, don't let your husbands social status lull you into a feeling of safety. They watch the male.

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Here are tips to help you know for sure if your man is on the down-low. Remember to take this information with the proverbial grain of salt, however; past lovers who harbor resentment or still have feelings for him might try to mislead you just to stir up trouble.

That new beard and goatee had a huge significance. I'm saying this because it's time for us to really challenge our community and each other on our self-worth. Another subtle sign is if there seems to be an unusually high volume of dirty laundry.

He was definitely not cheating. Watch out if your husband spends too much alone time with one man or a small group of men whom you never ever get to know well. The phenomenon of men on the down low has gained much attention in recent years; however, there are no data to confirm or refute publicized accounts of HIV risk behavior associated with these men.

They get disgusted by it and they will not pay to look at it. If you are a black gay man who has faced rejection and disrespect for not fitting into this narrow definition, to tangle with anyone who does may feel like a personal victory.

To some of the gay husbands, it is like another form of entertainment, or recreation.

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Secretly gay men get tips from their other secretly gay buddies how to fool their wives when they cannot refuse sex any longer. Nonetheless, take note of any emotional distancing. They were totally clueless.

However, the contribution of high-risk heterosexual black men to the rising HIV caseload among black women has been largely ignored.

What are the sexual risk factors associated with being on the down low?

Maybe you will see some you missed here. Use their skills to teach yourself. You should see the history for all sites visited that day, and several weeks and months past. You may be very hurt by what you discover, but it is important that you know.

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Some things may never happen to you, but they happened to someone else. To think that this would be me two years ago would have been a fantasy.

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You will never win. Does he offer room and board to 'new friends'?