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Dating a cubs fan, cards fan's guide to new cubs world

We can get through this together.

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Good for the Cubs. The Cubs are being feted by everyone: Now, obviously, nobody cares what we think, and if you are offended by the notion of a Cardinals fan expressing any thoughts on the Great Cubs Celebration ofthat's fine, you can stop reading now.

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It was about a mile from the park to my hotel, and I had no umbrella. And I had a mile to go.

The Cardinals fans' guide to surviving the Cubs' championship. | Sports on Earth

The Cardinals actually host the Cubs to start the season next year and, as we saw in Cleveland, Cubs fans can make quite the showing on the road.

They are the feel-good story in a year that has not made anybody feel very good.

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Here is a helpful guide to surviving today, and all future days, in this terrifying new reality. The traditional power now on equal footing with the insurgent, they'll basically just battle each other head-to-head for the next 25 years while most of the rest of the country decides they can't stand either one of them anymore.

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And not White Sox fans. This is where the Yankees analogy is helpful. They are the enemy and have always been the enemy. It's a big national holiday. It felt central to keeping us all alive.

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I am a professional reporter, and there will be no cheering. Try to be gracious.

Sports on Earth: A Closing Tribute

Denial gets you nowhere. I am a lifelong St. There is a difference between being happy for longtime Cubs fans for having this moment, and being OK with anything like this ever happening again.

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I mean, who couldn't be moved by this? If the delicate balance of this universe were upended by the Cubs' winning the World Series, I feared the earth would careen off its orbit and crash into the sun. What a way to do it.

Do not forget this.

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I think it's OK? They still are eight championships behind the Cardinals.

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Rise to the challenge. There was a text from my father, the man who raised me in the ways of the Cardinals fan. Congrats to my lifelong Cubs fan friends.

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This should be a wakeup call for the Cards and their fans, that they can be no complacency, that now the Cardinals must be innovative and vigilant.