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When the relationship began I was independent and happily single, not looking for anyone and not needing someone to make me happy. He could have a desperate need to be neededif boyhood issues left him with shame concerning worthiness.

Narcissistic Traits

It is important to keep in mind that parental alienation is a form of emotional child abuse. My problem is that actually what is happening now is kind of what she manipulated me with for the past 3 years: You may be a strong, well-established, successful woman with a mind of her own, but the Borderline has an uncanny ability to whittle you down until you're second-guessing and doubting yourself.

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I've discussed this aspect fairly thoroughly within my BPD male piece, and a bit of illumination can go a long way toward understanding the Borderline's need to self-destruct--even within an exemplary treatment protocol: Sep, at 6: Deeply distorted perceptions of "love" follow them for a lifetime, unless highly specialized assistance is engaged to help them begin to form an alternate feeling frame of reference for this normally nourishing and satisfying emotion.

They may have such trouble keeping their lies straight that they will come up with multiple versions of events, often growing in severity, over repeated tellings of their lies. Emotions always lead to guilt.

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This is his distancing tactic, which makes you feel less-than, or not good enough--and that's his intent. The siblings, parents, new spouse, friends, and employers of the target may all suffer serious damage from the distortion campaign.

Coping with the End of a BPD Relationship

Why the Nice Guy Stays In order to understand why so many nice-guy types stay in abusive relationships with women with traits of BPD we must first understand a second universal human frailty. He's like Peter Pan--he never grows up.

I need 6 mos more to complete. These partners vicariously come alive through the melodrama provided by the borderline.

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Given the Borderline's paradoxical nature, when you love him more, he loves you less. Subconsciously, he needs you to adore and take care of him, no matter what--but he'll eventually turn you into the kind Bpd dating npd woman he left home to get away from.

As these supplies were unavailable, the Borderline struggles to accommodate relational bonds that are more than fleeting or transient. The borderline disordered male typically learns about being a Man, from his mother.

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This is his nature, he's lacking in character, and he's not gonna change not in your lifetime, anyway. He also did this every time he bought an expensive watch, like a Rolex. As a way to protect everybody, it may be useful to minimize knowledge that the BP obtains about the people around the target.

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I thought it was obnoxious that he brought them to work and had a different car every six months but he always brushed me off and told me I didn't know what I was talking about. Do not fall in love with a guy for his "potential.

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Bpd dating npd was obsessed and trapped in painful cyclone of mixed emotions. Browse the various sub-sections in this piece while you're visiting--they describe the intricate aspects of personality disordered men and their behaviors.

A long-time friend eventually succumbed to the cajoling of such a male.

The Nice-Guy/Borderline Connection

I see myself as an accomplished woman. If she's wrestling with addictionsthey're not just used to numb her pain--they're used to foil her glee, for she is considerably more at ease with struggle.

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This has left them emotionally underdeveloped, which is always at the baseline of personality disorders. They have restraining orders placed upon them based upon false accusations.

It would certainly make a happy ending to tell a man recovering from a breakup with a woman with traits of BPD to be wiser in the future about his relationships.

You might want to resolve any unfinished business between you on friendly terms--but you'll never win with Casanova, or have him view you as he did initially. Sadly, their addiction to pain and struggle Dating tips dos and donts trumps their desire for growth or change.

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I hand-pick friends who support my own ideal of myself. Aside from looking "normal," the hope is that they will get something back. Actually she is not particularly pretty which makes me feel better haha but she is constantly posting pictures of my ex and writes comments about how hot she is.