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Billy and chelsea dating in the dark, most read news

Billy fired Jill when he found out what she had done, and he and Victoria made up once she realized it had not been Billy who told Tucker about the gift. The relationship gets serious but is short lived when Walden reconciles with Zoey.

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Her favorite line after a mini disaster occurs in the house is, "I ain't cleaning that up. Chelsea tried to reunite with Charlie, but was thwarted due to her best friend, Gail Tricia Helfersleeping with him.

Minutes later, Chelsea's mother, Anita, arrived at the door and began working her con, claiming that she and her husband were missionaries. The masked person was last seen planting the briefcase in the office of the coffee house, which the Feds found, and Daniel was arrested.

Billy went to see her, arriving just after Victoria had injured her ankle, and witnessed Sam carry her upstairs. As she was being dragged to the police car, Judge Anderson quickly finished the vows, and they were officially married.

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In the episode "Run, Steven Staven! They quickly dressed and made it outside separately. Meanwhile back in Genoa City, Abby and Colleen, concerned that Brad never showed for his dinner date with them, got J. But after Chance was stabbed trying to stop a robbery, Chloe realized how much she really cared about Chance and signed the papers.

Sharon and Nick walked out of the rubble and asked rescuers to go back for Jack. Nikki returned to Genoa City. Meanwhile, Russell lashed out at The Guardian newspaper for Windsor dating sites review of Les Miserables, which was given three out of five stars.

Mac got a physical, and told Cane she was ready, even though Billy did not want her to do it.

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In earlyJack Abbott tracked Victoria to Florence, Italy, where she had "found herself" as an artist, and was volunteering teaching children art in a convent school. Ok, so when I say built, I had a little help from Ikea.

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It wasn't long before Nikki accepted comfort from Cole. Even Nikki had to smash a window to try to talk to him.

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Abby hired Vance Abrams to sue Victor for mismanagement of her trust. Ralph knocked Billy out by whacking him over the head with a rock and grabbed Mac, but Larry showed up in time to rescue her.

Jake forms a friendship with Walden, who buys the beach house, and has such an impact on his life he tells Walden that he would name his child with his then girlfriend Tammy, Walden Harper. Victoria is stressed by these revelations and decides to delay the paternity test until after the baby is born.

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Vance Abrams took her case, but Victoria spent her wedding night in jail. On his arm was his new boyfriend, Tyler. Soon after,Victoria's brother, Adam, is murdered. Once in the apartment, Anita told Chelsea that she was taking over the con, and that this baby was going to make them rich.

Victoria threw a fit and J. Angered by this, she kicks Alan in the groin.

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One day, just as Victoria and Diego were declaring their love, Sharon was admitting her dalliance with Diego to her husband Nick. Then Nick talked Adam into leaving town instead to both avoid Victor, and to reunite Sharon with her daughter Faith.

The owner of the bar later told Cane that she had taken money from the till and disappeared. After Victoria learned that they were living together, she decided to fight for custody of Reed again.

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Nikki began drinking again, so Victor checked her in to Solidarity house, putting Victoria on the banned visitors list. Billy kept lamenting about their missed opportunity for happiness, and Mac kept reminding him they had both moved on.

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When Alan almost died from a heart attack, she feared for his life, because not only did she not want to lose another child, her "good son" was already deceased.

Chelsea, who obviously did not get along with Anita, sided with Billy, and Anita packed her bags and left. Jack was shocked to find out, and he later attacked Billy for it.