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Atari flashback 4 hook up, we look back at the atari st games that deserve more love than they got first time round...

The Atari Flashback 7 console.

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Mercs Games like Commando or Ikari Warriors were the bread and butter of the fast action home computer gamer. Nobody really cared what the story was behind the game, just as long as the action was intense, and the body count high.

Onslaught was originally an Amiga game, but ported over to the ST, and done remarkably well too. But I actually thought it was a pretty good game, and it was one that I was surprisingly very good at too.

As a result, sinceany new release of Frogger has not been allowed to have the original audio.

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Okay, so the Amiga was technically years ahead of its time, but the ST brought untold joy to many a teen. How else could you float around the Med finding other ships to unleash the full fury of your guns on? However, there were a few other aerial combat sims that managed to slip under the radar.

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The conversion to the ST, though, looked like it was lifted from an 8-bit machine. I stood up for my ST, when all the Amiga users laughed at the lack of a graphics Blitter, less colours and resolution.

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Vigilante Double Dragon, Bad Dudes vs. Hero Quest Turning board games into computer games was always a hit and miss affair.

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But you could hook up a Casio Synth and enjoy the in-game music, especially during the dance scene. The included joysticks are less stiff and easier to move than original Atari joysticks, and perform well, as does the action button.

Atari Flashback 7 AtGames, version includes videos Review: A standard DV 5V AC adapter plugs into the rear of the console, along with a hard-wired composite video output, with mono audio. Not many people did, especially the magazines that reviewed it.

The coin-op was good, rescuing kidnapped Madonna from the Skin Head gang. It was a balancing act of power, mining, exploration, defence, research and development, all wrapped up in a neat package with an emotional ending that could bring a tear from a glass eye in one of gaming's greatest moments.

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Shadow Warriors A pair of memorable Ocean titles now, which I remember picking up from a charity shop in Manchester as a part of the Ocean Ninja Collection. Although the resource management from Carrier Command is missing from Battle Afghan dating sites, this really just being a 3D shooter with a tank, it was a magnificent game nonetheless.

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Voyager Moving from the limited graphics on the Spectrum to the likes of Starglider and Carrier Command for the Atari ST caused many a jaw to drop in wonder. Marine warfare had its share too, but most were focused on the stresses and strains on-board a submarine.

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The AtGames Flashback Zone is expected to be the AtGames retro gaming portal going forward and should hopefully see regular expansion. But which we whiled away at on rainy afternoons and long into the night.

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It was there that I picked up this onee. ADS had you in command of a destroyer though, and it worked a treat. Maybe my mum had a point when she said I was wasting my money on computer games?

In all honesty the graphics were quite bland and the sound was terrible, but it was playable and enjoyable. Finally, there are two joystick ports, which accept standard Atari-style wired controllers, including paddle controllers.

For better or worse, these wireless controllers use infrared technology, which requires general line of sight with the sensor on the front of the console.

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It was slated by the reviewers of the time, and tossed to the bargain bin almost as soon as it hit the shelves. It was the stuff of dreams. As side scrolling shooters go it was certainly action packed, and it looked great as well.

On the Flashback 6, there was no way to access the critical status screen. Thankfully, I thought Hero Quest was quite an accurate representation of the board game — although to be fair I only played the board game version a handful of times.

Thanks to the Spectrum, C64 and so on, gamers could already conquer the skies, or relive ear-splitting combat between tanks.