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Just as Clara risks her life to protect the Nutcracker, the Nutcracker deflects his spell with his sword blade, and collapses, shrinking the Mouse King to the size of a real mouse.

Erasmus manages to find the book of forest lore, which states that the bearer of the magic crystal, when shared a love with another person, will overcome all evil magic, unless the bearer's lover pledges love to another, with that the magic crystal will lose all power.

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As Gothel had lied, the tower locks her in for good forever. However, threats bloom in the Bogs Indian speed dating bay area the Hinterland as Laverna's Fungi minions have captured Prince Nalu, Elina's friend, to force him to find a certain Immunity Berry that will make the eater immune to all forms of magic, regardless of time.

Rothbart, hearing about this, then transforms Odile into a spitting image of Odette to arrive before Odette can turn into a human and go to the ball, which succeeds as Odette arrives too late as a swan, collapsing on the balcony.

Delphine warns Elina of the possibility of giving up her wings for a tail, but promises they will be returned back to her as long as she gets above water before the pearls of an enchanted necklace completely turn white.

Julian promptly hacks at a water spout and lets them float to the surface and escape together. Elina takes the necklace and gives up her wings to rescue a trapped Nori in the Depths of Despair.

The two kingdoms make up, father and daughter reconcile, and Stefan marries Rapunzel.

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Vowing to treasure it, Clara dozes off on the couch while hugging it, and that is when mice invade the parlour and the Nutcracker springs to life. Barbie stars as Elina, a fairy born without wings, living in her flower home with her puffball friend Bibble.

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To encourage her to believe in herself and her ideas, Barbie tells Kelly the story based on The Brothers Grimm 's Rapunzel. Bolstered by Annika's courage, the two sisters set out on a quest to find the materials and forge a Wand of Light, starting with the deepest, darkest part of the Forbidden Forest, along with a bell from Queen Rayla that can call for help from the Cloud Kingdom.

However, although Rapunzel's hair was radiant, her life was far from such. Barbie stars as Clara, a teenage girl who receives a mysterious but beautiful wooden Nutcracker for a Christmas present from her favourite aunt.

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They fall in love and he invites her to his father's birthday party, but Gothel once again finds out about Rapunzel's second escape and destroys the brush, cuts Rapunzel's hair, and constructs an unbreakable wall that imprisons those "with a lying heart".

Odette, hampered by an overwhelming sense of insecurity, proclaims herself unfit for the job and sets out to leave the forest but is confronted by Rothbart and Odile, who turn her into a swan. Distressed at his loss, her aunt returns from a "morning stroll" along with Prince Eric, introducing him as "the son of a dear friend of mine".

Preminger forges a note from Anneliese saying that she has run away to prevent from marrying King Dominick, created with lilac paper, arousing the suspicion of Anneliese's astute friend and tutor Julian, who recalls that Anneliese always writes letters with rose paper.

In the midst of her despair, the silver hairbrush turns into a silver paintbrush instead that can depict anything Rapunzel thinks of. Both fall unconscious, hands clasped, and the crystal regains power and reverses all Rothbart's evil spells. Lying to the Queen that she has died, Preminger reveals Erika as an impostor and throws her in prison, as well as Preminger convince the Queen to remarry and take him as her new husband instead, targeting her while she is in despair of Anneliese's supposed death under the false pretext of having a fortune to help the people.

Lilia, the unicorn, offers to accompany Odette to the vault. Elina lives up to the rainbow in her eyes indeed.

One is born with blonde hair and is a princess named Anneliese, while the other is a brown-haired poor seamstress named Erika. Unfortunately, the Fungus knows the location of the Immunity Berry in exchange for the prevention of poison polluting Mermaidia. Aden and Annika get married and ice-skate together in Cloud Kingdom.

Before Elina clasps the necklace around Azura's neck, she breaks free from the trance and finds the union point the crystal-like device constructed by Laverna where the seven powers unite into one to be passed to her.

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Barbie as Rapunzel shows that love and imagination can change the world. Annika returns home with Brietta and Aden, whose father also forgives him. They search for the book the whole night but are unable to find it.

As they dance, the Mouse King steals Clara's locket encompassed with magic, and while he is destroyed, All barbie dating games disappears and awakes on her couch living room, the Nutcracker missing.